Robert Johnson's "Come on In My Kitchen" | Delta Blues Slide Guitar Fingerstyle Cover

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Every time I listen to "Come on in my Kitchen" by Robert Johnson, it feels like the first time. It always brings fresh inspiration and is just one of those tunes that defines the blues. The melody and chords are very similar to "Sittin' on Top of the World," and when you play it instrumentally, it can almost be hard to tell which it is. It's also really similar to Mississippi Fred McDowell's "You Gotta Move"

Open A: E-A-E-A-C#-E
• Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide:
• Fishman Aura Spectrum DI
• Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System
• CEntrance R4R Mobile Recording Interface
• 12-Bar Blues Resonator Humbucker Pickup

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